Occupational Therapy: Helping you Age In Place!

Occupational Therapy: Helping you Age In Place!

“Home for the Holidays: Are you concerned for your loved ones safety at home?”

Traverse City, MI – December 16, 2019 - During the holidays it is not unusual for families or caregivers to recognize that a loved one may be struggling with daily tasks of living at home.  It may be as simple as trying to get the serving tray off the top shelf in the cupboard that causes a near fall, or memory issues like forgetting to set the oven timer for the Holiday dinner, or sometimes it’s more significant issues regarding medication management or challenges with personal care and hygiene.

Occupational Therapists (also called an O.T.) specialize in recommendations for home modifications to improve safety including consideration for special needs like low vision, limited mobility, or speech and hearing challenges. They are knowledgeable in a wide range of equipment and tools to make caring for yourself or your loved one easier.

If the issue is as simple as having trouble bending over to put on shoes and socks, to retrofitting your bathtub to reduce the potential of a fall, an OT has a solution!  They also specialize in treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand weakness or pain using a variety of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and even aquatic therapy.  Occupational therapists can help with memory issues using strategies to manage daily tasks and remain independent.

The Occupational Therapists at the Grand Traverse Pavilions Outpatient Wellness Center have extensive continuing education in the area of neurological and post stroke rehab with courses taken at the Rehab Institute of Chicago, a leader in innovative and current research techniques.  They use current concepts in rehabilitation and state of the art equipment to help you get back to living, working, and enjoying all that beautiful northern Michigan has to offer!

The Grand Traverse Pavilions Outpatient Wellness Center team are your “aging in place” specialists!   They specialize in helping our patients stay independent, in their own home safely, as long as possible.

Talk to your doctor about a prescription for Outpatient Occupational Therapy and call the Pavilions Wellness Center at 231-932-3172 to set up an appointment, or visit our website for more information www.gtpavilions.org.

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