Surviving a Stroke: John McGowan's Battle Through Rehab


"Everyone who worked with me from OT and PT was excellent. They all helped me to achieve my goals. What a great bunch of people!"


"What a great staff you have! They met my needs and we worked hard together to get me back home. Thanks for all your help!"


"I can not say enough.  I was more than pleased with everything.  When you entered the Rehab room everyone had a smile and greeted with "hello" and "good morning" even though I had no rehab from them.  On the weekend they were the same.  Can't say enough for the care I got.  Everyone was friendly and caring.  Thanks to everyone for the good care I got.  If I ever need help I pray I can be lucky enough to come there again.  I mean every word."


"Having had prior experience with both PT and OT we found this facility and the therapists to be top notch and couldn't be better."


"Carrie, PT, was professional, friends, concerned, imaginative, attentive to adjusting my therapy in accordance with my limitations and desire/need to improve.  I am awed by the major improvement in my health, strength and flexibility and balance.  Carrie is the best PT I have ever experienced."